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Lip Contour Refiner 15ml | MBR

91,00 IVA Incl.

Contour firming agent for the lips

Multi-active lip care that refreshes, cools, and gives the lips more volume. It intensely moisturizes, revitalizes, cares for and protects dry lips.

• Increases and improves the ability to retain moisture
• Protects against drying out, has a soothing and balancing effect
• Makes lips smooth and supple
• No lip lines and lines on the lips and the area around the lips
• looks visibly smoother
• The lip‘s contours are firmed

airless: 15 ml

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Apply to the lips morning and evening or several times a day as needed. For vertical lip lines, apply outside the lips‘ contours.

In order to increase its effectiveness, apply and dab on Optimal Lift Serum beforehand.

Shea butter, Crodamol ISIS, bisabolol, camomile extract, Kalpariane®, dexpanthenol, Syn® Hycan, Cooling Agent