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Medium Protection Face Cream SPF 20 100ml | MBR

133,00 IVA Incl.

Medium Protection Face Cream is a caring sun protection cream based on the latest findings in medicine and biotechnology. The velvety-soft and highly-effective cream reliably protects, cares for and regenerates tanned, sun-acclimatized skin during sunbathing, in everyday life or when doing sport or leisure activities outdoors.

• Protects against sunburn and lightinduced ageing of the skin
• Prevents wrinkles and pigmentation marks due to sun
• Provides your skin with the necessary intensive moisture
• Smoothens small imperfections in the skin
• Stimulates natural immune and cell protection

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Apply generously to the face, neck and neckline 20 minutes before sun exposure, gently massage in and allow to soak in. We recommend reapplying the product as required.