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Perfect Liquid Mask | MBR

20,00 IVA Incl.

An extraordinary and innovative liquid mask that fulfils even the most complex care requirements of particularly demanding skin fast, easily, and efficiently.

• Provides long-lasting, intense moisture to the skin
• Increases the moisture retention capacities of the skin
• Lines, wrinkles and expression lines are visibly reduced in an instant
• Improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin
• The skin appears calm, relaxed and well-balanced

• The skin appears calm, relaxed and well-balanced

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After cleansing your skin, unfold the Perfect Liquid Mask and lightly press it onto your skin. Allow the mask to take effect for approximately 5–10 minutes, then take it off. Afterwards, apply the recommended MBR® skincare products.

Golden Collagenine, Cyclopeptide-5, Hydrolite® 5, Syn®-Ake, Ergothioneine (thiotaine) EGT, hyaluronic acid, allantoin , inositol