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Scalp Reanimation 100ml | MBR

205,00 IVA Incl.

A power cocktail for revitalisation and strengthening of the hair roots. Use in daily care as a protection against premature hair loss or as a stimulant for hair growth if hair is already thinning. Reanimates, regenerates, vitalises and protects against external effects.

• Stimulates the cell metabolism
• Strengthens and refreshes scalp and hair
• Improves hair substance, increases hair density
• Has a soothing and moisturising effect, provides hair with shine and elasticity
• Improves the condition of damaged hair
• Protects, thickens the hair and makes it shine

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Apply to the scalp in sufficient quantity mornings and evenings, then massage in gently. Then style hair as usual.

For the overall treatment of the scalp, part the hair and apply in sections.

Highly-dosed CapixylTM, Lactil® , MultiEx BSASMTM, caffeine, inositol