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Skin Lightening Serum 30ml | MBR

185,00 IVA Incl.

Gentle skin tone balancer

Highly dosed whitening serum for all skin types to lighten areas of hyperpigmentation or darkening of the skin caused by the sun.

• Reduces skin pigmentation, discolourations and age spots
• Not only prevents the darkening of the skin but also lightens it
• gradually
• Revives and firms skin
• Moisturises with a balancing effect, improves skin resilience
• Boosts cell stability
• Refines skin structure

airless: 30 ml

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Mornings and evenings. After cleansing and opening (Two in One Cleanser or Foam Cleanser purifying/Beta-Enzyme/Starter Facial Booster), apply Skin Lightening Serum on the face, neck and neckline by gently dabbing on. Then use Skin Sealer Protection Shield, Sensitive Skin Sealer Cream or Cream Special.

Avoid direct exposure of skin to UV rays (sun, sunbed) during and after application of the Skin Lightening Serum. After application, protect skin with a high SPF.

Beta-White™, vitamin E, inositol, glycerin